About Us

? Twothousand supply Co.,Ltd.” was established by the expert group of rubber and chemical in 1997. And entered in the commercial register in 2000, that is the reason why we call ourself as “Twothousand” from then on. After all, we have changed our company name from “2000supply” to be “Twothousand Progress Co.,Ltd.” in 2007. Because of our experiences in any aspects of rubber in industrial for over 10 years ago, We certainlybecame the leader of rubber works and others wide range of rubber industrial in Thailand. We entirely imported high qualuity of material and machine, select the best procedure to make the better products for our costumer. Made to order on synthetic rubber, polyurethane, silicone and also plastic, epoxy, resin including other type of chemical. We supply the rubber parts of machine, especially in foodindustrial. Besides produce to machinery in the line of canned food industrial such as stem-corn cutter machine pocket filler and other machine which make from your request.

? Furthermore, We are not only produce and release our products into the market. But our mission is moving and developing the good personnel and drive rubber industrial to the top of business circle in Thailand. Therefore, the slocan of 2000 progress is “sell and suggest” and this made us be known in the public eyes.
? As above-mentioned, We emphasize the requirement of custumer first. You will get the most suitable product to your machine and high advantage for your work project. We readily service you with honestly sincere.